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ReadCube Anywhere Access: FAQs

Top 10 FAQs

How Do I Add Anywhere Access to My Browser?

Depending on your preferred browser, instructions to install the browser extension can be found for Chrome, Edge or Firefox. Support for Safari is in development. 

How Do I Log Into Anywhere Access?

After you have installed the browser extension for your preferred browser system, click the extension, and you will be prompted to sign in. Once successfully authenticated with your institutional email, you will see a congratulations signs. You can now begin searching across all your favorite discovery and publisher sites. 

Why Am I Logging In With ReadCube?

ReadCube powers the login authentication process for a variety of Digital Science tools including Anywhere Access and Dimensions. ReadCube works with your university to set-up authentication with your university. By entering your university email into the ReadCube login screen, you will be redirected through your university's authentication system.

**You do not have to have a ReadCube subscription and can use any reference manager once you have the full-text PDF 

What Websites Does Anywhere Access Work On?

Anywhere Access is embedded into Dimensions and, through your browser, is also available on scholarly search engines like Google Scholar and PubMed, most publisher pages and scholarly social networks including Mendeley. 

Why Can't I See "View PDF"?
If you are not seeing a "View PDF" button, it is because that particular content is not part of your institution's subscribed holdings nor is it content we can identify as Open Access. If you believe you should have access to certain content, please submit a ticket on our Support Page.

How Do I Download the PDF?

Anywhere Access allows you to download the standard PDF to your desktop. After clicking the "View PDF" button, you will notice a toolbar along the top of the screen. Choose the "Download PDF" option to immediately download the article to your computer.

Exporting Papers from Anywhere Access Viewer to Your Favorite Reference Manager

You can easily add any PDF you discover via Anywhere Access to your ReadCube Papers library by clicking the "Add to Library" button at the top of the reader. You can also export in a standard format to import into any reference manager.


Reach out to our support team if you are experiencing any issues or have a question not on our FAQ board - Anywhere Access Support!